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Williams/Bally WPC System, Williams/Bally WPC 95, Stern SAM System, Stern Spike System

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After more than 30 years and a year in production this course is now available online and more comprehensive and more detailed than ever! You can do it now from the comfort of your home or any place of your choice and at your own pace.

The online version of the course is conducted in the same spirit and with the same methodology as the Two Day Intensive Course. Each lesson is designed to ensure that regardless of whether you have any technical background or not, you get the maximum benefit.

With my over 30 years of experience in teaching this subject I can say with confidence that anyone can learn to fix a pinball machine. The information provided in this course is focused on the proper understanding of how Pinball Machines work and how you can solve problems efficiently with focused, step by step troubleshooting.

If you are new to it, you will discover “a whole new world”. If you are advanced, you will sharpen your methods and you will appreciate the fine details and the technical references to make your troubleshooting even more effective and efficient.

You are welcomed to join us and I hope to see you soon!

Norbert Snicer

The Online Course Curriculum

  • 5

    Williams/Bally WPC System

    • Introduction to the WPC System. The WPC System Machines, inside the Backbox - CPU Board, Power Driver Board, Flipper Controller Board, Sound Board, Dot Matrix Controller

    • WPC System Backbox Info

    • QUIZ: Inside the WPC System Backbox. Do you know the boards in the back box? Can you answer these questions?

  • 6

    Solenoids In The WPC System

    • Solenoids, How They Work & Troubleshooting - Part 1: the solenoid circuit, how it works, understanding how is the solenoid controlled and how you can troubleshoot it in the playfield.

    • QUIZ: Do you understand the connections on the solenoid? Can you answer these questions?

    • Solenoids, How They Work & Troubleshooting - Part 2: the test points, getting familiar with the Power Driver Board, how to find the driver transistor for any solenoid.

    • Solenoids, How They Work & Troubleshooting - Part 3: What info you can get from the Solenoid Test. The correct way of testing the solenoids from the Backbox. The test points for Solenoids, Flashers, Motors and the High Power Solenoids.

    • Solenoids, How They Work & Troubleshooting - Part 4: putting everything in the correct order - the troubleshooting steps to take, the important points of the physical inspection, when and what you need to test with your multimeter.

    • QUIZ: The solenoid voltage and the solenoid fuses.

  • 7

    The Stern SAM System

    • Introduction to the SAM System Part 1: The SAM System Pinballs, the inputs and the outputs of the control circuitry, inside the Backbox, what you can find on the CPU Board, what connects to the CPU Board - connector description.

    • QUIZ: SAM System Backbox - can you answer these questions?

    • Introduction to the SAM System Part 2: The Power Driver Board - an explanation of how the different voltages are generated, the solenoid and the lamp outputs and connector description.

    • QUIZ: SAM System Backbox (The Power Driver Board).

  • 8

    Solenoids In The SAM System

    • Troubleshooting Solenoids in the SAM System Part 1: Playfield - several examples of applying the 4 troubleshooting steps in the SAM System playfield.

    • Troubleshooting Solenoids in the SAM System Part 2: How to troubleshoot Solenoids, Flashers and Motors from the Backbox. How to find quickly the correct driver transistors.

  • 9

    Electronic Flippers In The WPC System

    • Electronic Flippers in WPC System Part 1: the Flipper Coil, the Flipper Circuit, how the computer controls the Flippers, the EOS Switch, the Flipper Controller Board.

    • Electronic Flippers in WPC System Part 2: Backbox - Getting familiar with the Flipper Controller Board, the connectors and the test points. Testing the Flippers from the Backbox.

    • Electronic Flippers in WPC System Part 3: Switches - Troubleshooting Flipper Switches, Flipper Button Opto Switch, how it works and how to check it with a multimeter. Switch related problems, Switch Test.

  • 10

    Flipper Adjustments And Common Flipper Problems (WPC)

    • Flipper Adjustments: There are number of important adjustments, which effect the way the Flipper operates. See how you can check whether your Flipper is working fine and whether it uses the correct parts.

    • Flipper Problems (WPC System): Some problems are mechanical, some are electrical. This lesson deals with all of the problems you can get with Flippers and what is causing them.

  • 11

    Non Electronic Flippers In Early WPC System Machines

    • Non-Electronic Flippers in the earlier WPC System Machines - how they work and the specific problems with the Non Electronic Flippers and the special attention they need.

  • 12

    Flippers In The Stern SAM System

    • Flippers In The Stern SAM System: This is a comprehensive lesson, which will give you a great insight of how the Flippers work in the SAM System machines and how you can troubleshoot them in the playfield and from the Backbox.

  • 13

    Important Note About The Data East Flippers

    • Important Note About The Data East Flippers: How the Data East Flipper works and why you cannot use the grounded test lead to troubleshoot the Flipper Coil circuit. Common connection problems with the single sided circuit boards.

  • 14

    Switches In The WPC System

    • Direct Grounded Switches and the Switch Matrix. Proper understanding of the principle of how the Switch Matrix works makes troubleshooting switches in the playfiled easy. Get the solid fundamentals in this lesson.

    • Switch Matrix - How to test the CPU Board. Learn about this simple and the most effective test, which will leave you without any doubts whether the CPU Board is OK or not. This may save you a lot of time and service expenses.

    • Diodes In The Switch Matrix - why they are needed and and how a faulty diode can cause Phantom Switches. This is an important lesson, which may save you from a lot of headache when you encounter this problem.

    • Switch Edges, Switch Levels and Single Switch Test - learn how you can take the full advantage of the fantastic switch tests built into the WPC System.

  • 15

    Opto Switches In WPC System

    • Opto Switches In The WPC System - learn how the Opto Switches work and how you can check them more thoroughly than just testing them in the Switch Test. You may discover the reason for some of the intermittent problems in the playfield.

    • The Opto Switch Boards are widely used in the WPC System but do you know how they work? If you would prefer to repair them rather than replacing them, this lesson will give you a great insight. Learn about the voltage dividers and the voltage comparators.

  • 16

    Switches In The Stern SAM System

    • Get a thorough understanding of how the Switch Matrix works and what are the differences to the WPC System. See how to look for bad connections in the playfield and how to take the advantage of the built in diagnostics.

    • Switch Matrix - A simple and effective test to check whether the CPU Board is ok.

    • Trough Assembly - The microswitches and the Ball Jam Opto, how it works and you can check it with your multimeter. Other Opto Boards in the SAM System.

  • 17

    Lamps In The WPC System

    • Lamps In The WPC System - Flashers, how they work and how to test them, General Illumination and problems with connectors and Lamp Matrix, how it works and how to troubleshoot problems.

  • 18

    Lamps In The SAM System

    • Lamps in The Stern SAM System - Flashers, General Illumination And Lamp Matrix, how the different lamp circuits work and troubleshooting.

  • 19

    Motors In Pinballs

    • Motors In Pinballs, DC Motors, Reversing Direction Of Rotation, Solid State or Relay Control, Motor Brake, Suppressing Electromagnetic Interference, AC Motors

  • 20

    Williams/Bally WPC95 System

    • Explore the differences between the WPC95 and the WPC System. This lesson provides a deeper insight into the workings of the Power/Driver Board and how the CPU Board controls the Solenoids, the Flippers and Lamps.

  • 21

    Stern Spike System

    • Introduction to the Stern Spike 2 System, the System Diagram, inside the Backbox, the CPU Board, the Power Distribution Board, the Spike Bus and the Cabinet Node 1.

    • The Spike Node Bus, get to know the 48V Core Driver Node, how to find the connectors and the drivers for any Solenoid, LED Light or Switch. Solenoids - how they work and the troubleshooting steps to take.

    • Stern Spike 2 System - The 48V Core Driver Note Cont. , General Illumination, Flashers, Controlled Lamps, Shift Registers, Node 2 SPI Board, Expressive Lighting, Switch Inputs, How To Check Switches, Extension Ports.

    • Stern Spike 1 System, Wrestlemania

  • 22

    Electrical Principles and Devices (Videos)

    • Diodes - How They Work And Examples Of Usage In The Playfield

    • Diodes In The Solenoid Circuit - Suppressing Back EMF

    • How To Check Diode With Examples On How How to Do It In The Playfield

  • 23

    Electrical Principles and Devices (PDF, Text, Images).

    • Ohm's Law and Resistors In Series Or Parallel Connection

    • Opto Switch, SCRs and Triacs

    • Half Wave And Full Wave Rectifiers

    • Auto Transformer, Isolating Transformer, Transistor NPN And PNP

  • 24

    Course Library (PDF, Text, Images)

    • How to check diode

    • WPC Power Driver Board - Reference Sheet

    • WPC-Williams/Bally Megalink

    • WPC - Switch Matrix - Testing The CPU Board

    • WPC-Dot Matrix Display System Diagram

    • WPC-Gas Discharge Displays

    • WPC-Flipper Controller Board Pinout (Early Version)

    • WPC-Flipper Controller Board Pinout Fliptronic 2

    • WPC-System Block Diagram

    • WPC-System Error Messages

    • WPC95 Power Driver Board - Driver Transistors and Fuses

    • SAM System Power Driver Board - Driver Transistors and Fuses

    • SPIKE-48V Core Driver Node Reference - Solenoid and Lamp Outputs

    • SPIKE-48V Core Driver Node Reference - Switch Inputs

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